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Frequently Asked Questions

Designed With You in Mind; No Equipment Required

How does live video personal training work?

At the beginning of each week we will work together to schedule your workouts so that a consistent and predictable routine can be established. I will call you via an agreed upon platform (Skype, FaceTime, etc.) at your scheduled time slot.


Benefits: Flexible schedule, less time required, 

Equipment required: headphones/phone/computer/tripod

Where: gym/home/hotel

Form: in the context of virtual training 



What about nutritional guidance? 

Let me help you improve your fitness and overall health in a safe and energizing way. You are what you eat, allow me to help you make proper nutritional choices for long-term health and success.


We will track your measurements bi-weekly so that you can see your hard work paying off. Knowing that measurements are only two weeks away will also help to keep you on task and motivated.

Diet Orange
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