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Matt Begansky

My name is Matt Begansky, I am the founder of Iron Stella and The House of Fitness and a full time personal trainer. I am now the proud father of a little boy and have shifted my business model to be able to care for him and continue working with my clients. My passion lies within fitness and helping others to conquer their goals. At a personal weight loss of over 90 pounds I strive to help my clients battle both the mental and physical challenges of becoming healthy that I myself have experienced firsthand.

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle starts with some self reflection. My aim as your Personal Trainer is to identify your fitness goals, design a program that fit your needs, and lead you through every workout and step of your journey. I have been helping my clients  change the way they look and feel for the better since 2008. If you are ready to make a positive life change, I am here to help. My years of experience and holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling like a new and improved machine.


As of 2019 my business has moved to a virtual platform so that you can workout via live video training from wherever is convenient for you. I have found that this allows my clients maximum flexibility in their schedules to provide even greater results.



Matt has obtained his Russian Kettlebell Level I and II certifications, along with certifications on the TRX Suspension Trainer and Battling Ropes. He believes in having a strong mind, being able to laugh at yourself, and most importantly having fun and enjoying the ride that lies ahead.

Hear What Others Have to Say

"Matt is a unique individual. It is quite uncommon (at least in my experience) for a person to be competent, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, a good communicator and strong as a beast, all in one package. When I first came to Matt my body was stiff as a board, in a weakened state and had virtually no stamina. By the end of the first 12 weeks of working with Matt twice a week I became a work out machine. One very important thing I want to mention is that Matt is super diligent about safety. I have gotten much stronger, yet have not injured myself a single time while training with him and as a result of his coaching I know how to avoid injuring myself when I work out on my own (and even when I lift boxes, carry groceries, or move furniture around). I push, pull and squat for reps and do loaded carries for distance and feel powerful and confident again with my newly won strength and conditioning. Matt is always very welcoming, fun, friendly and just a pleasure to be around. He has helped me to assess, clarify and achieve my goals and set new ones."

Steve C.

"This guy knows his stuff. I never recieved work out instruction before and my first time left a good impression. Matt was informative, patient, and clear...."

Roosevelt Turmon III

"Matt is an amazing personal trainer! His enthusiasm and knowledge as well as Matt's ability to motivate his clients is unmatched. I worked one on one with Matt for a few months this summer and I saw dramatic changes in my physical appearance, energy levels, strength and stamina. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for a friendly, personable, knowledgeable personal trainer."

Erin Summerour

Working out with Matt via video conference has changed my life. As a busy working mom, my health and fitness had taken a back seat for a long time and Matt met me where I was and has steadily helped advance my health, strength, flexibility and energy level. Matt designs efficient whole body workouts so I can stretch, get my workout in and cool down in 40 minutes. Video training with Matt provides the accountability I need to keep me coming back for workout after workout while Matt encourages me to push through the last few reps and constantly monitors and adjusts my technique to maximize results and avoid injury. Since working out with Matt, I don’t wake up in pain like I had for years, every move I make throughout the day is easier, my A1C came down to normal AND I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. Matt’s positive energy and vast knowledge of health and wellness are unparalleled.

Michelle F.

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