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New Branding

The idea for renaming my business from, "The House of Fitness" to "Iron Stella," struck me after interviewing a new client. I could tell from our conversation that she was nervous about exercising. She mentioned that her doctor read her the riot act about needing to become more active and to start eating healthy foods. Part way through our conversation, she asked, “would it be possible for your dog to be here while I workout?” That night, it dawned on me that Stella made a huge impact on my clients, even if it was indirectly. She eased anxiety and created a less stressful environment through her snoring and playful demeanor. She was hired. I reassured my client that Stella was my business partner and that she will accompany her every workout. While "The House of Fitness" was a great starting point, "Iron Stella" is here to take it to the next level.

At Iron Stella, we believe in a stress free approach to long-term health. We are here to remind you that you too, can build a stronger mind and body, through proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Welcome to Iron Stella.

Personal Training.

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