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Cholesterol Transformation

Above are one my client's lab results from a recent physical. This person has failed numerous times, but hasn't allowed that to stop them. They have struggled daily with anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation/sleep apnea, and weight loss. While carrying all of this baggage, I can count on my two thumbs how many times they have missed a workout since we've become a team in the winter of 2014. So how did they do it? They started with eating better. They minimized their sugar intake, which in turn allowed them to sleep better. Since they were better rested, they were able to become more productive in the gym, which improved their anxiety and depression. They even added an additional kettlebell workout and a day of yoga to their weekly workouts. One of the best parts of my job is when I see clients fully commit to a healthier lifestyle. These numbers don't lie. Take a look at the total cholesterol reading above. They not only dropped 45 total cholesterol points, but have ultimately removed themselves from becoming dependent on cholesterol medication. In addition, they have lost 50 pounds and 38.75 total circumference inches (chest, shoulders, arm, hips, quadriceps, and calf). Most importantly, they have become stronger and better conditioned in the gym. To top it all off, SHE turns 60 this year.  You can do this, too. To do list: In order to improve, you need to put forth effort. Schedule a physical with your doctor to get a baseline lipid profile, be consistent with your workouts, lean on me for support. Let's see how you can improve your body, whether it's through nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, hydration management, or a combination of the above. Hopefully I can show off your numbers next.  

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