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Purple Triglyceride Eater

Two weeks ago I wrote about a client who really cleaned up her act by eating well and pushing herself in the gym.  Read the article by clicking the link below if you need some motivation.  She's a great role model for all of us.  Oh yes, she turns 60 this year. Food Issue:  "Which foods will help my cholesterol? Also, I'm sick of eating the same old salads.  What are my other options?" Substituting a variety of vegetables for processed carbohydrates (i.e., bread, pasta) will improve your cholesterol.   Your lunch time salad doesn't have to include the traditional romaine, bibb, or awful iceberg as your lettuce base.  This past Friday, I had extra cabbage in the refrigerator.  I sliced it up and added some tuna, olive oil based dressing, and cherry tomatoes.  It was delicious.   Besides cabbage, cucumbers, sweet peppers, or even tomatoes work just as well as a base.  Expand your palate and think outside the box. 

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