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Power Through

My mission is to make my clients stronger, both physically and mentally. What is going through your mind the moment you close your car door and approach my studio? How about when you're 3/4 through a workout and we have one more set of walking lunges to accomplish? Are you thinking "I'm tired" or are you thinking, "it's my last opportunity to improve myself?" A certain person has mentally motivated me to excel in the gym and life since 2005. When I'm struggling, I create a vivid image of them in my mind and reflect on how they continue to influence me. As a result, positivity and perseverance flows through my body. Like the flip of a switch, the Rocky soundtrack starts to play in my mind and BOOM, I can suddenly power through. When you're struggling, use your mind and think about someone or something to pull you through. The mind is a powerful tool that you should rely on. Think about where you can improve and put your mind to it. Is it your nutrition, managing your stress, hydrating, sleeping, your work outs, or maybe a combination? My belief is that you won't experience large leaps of success until you start leading with your mind.  

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