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Diabetes Success

A1C, also known as the hemoglobin A1C, is a test used to measure your average blood glucose level (blood sugar)over the past three months. A person with a normal A1C runs below 5.6 percent, pre-diabetics have an A1C of 5.7-6.4 percent and a person with diabetes runs at 6.5 percent or above. My client who is 56 years young, has suffered from type II diabetes and obesity most of their adult life. Three months ago, they decided enough was enough and made the leap of faith to improve their overall health. At one time, their diet was a protein based diet with fat, few vegetables, fruit, and processed foods. Now they have chosen a vegetable based diet full of heart healthy fats, fruits, fish, and just occasionally red meat. They have also cut out all bread, dairy and poultry due to GI issues. Their results are astonishing. Not only has their fasting glucose numbers dropped from consistent 120’s to 80’s, their A1C decreased from 8.8 in August to 7.6 in September. In addition, they have lost six pounds and 2.5 inches in circumference measurements (chest, shoulders, abdomen, hips, quadriceps, calf) in the matter of one month. I’ve always said, in order to make a client healthier, I need them to become more competitive against themselves in the gym and simply eat more vegetables. Eating healthy is hard work and commitment. Nothing good has even come easy. Need some extra help. Food Club is meeting October 16th at 6PM. Cost is a ten dollar monetary donation that will support Wings For Joy’s Thanksgiving Campaign. Iron Stella will match all donations collected.  

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