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Happy New Year

Happy New Year. The first of January is finally behind us and hopefully you haven’t already forgotten about your fitness related New Year’s resolutions. My approach to improving each year is less about change and more about fine tuning my eating (food prep and planning) and fitness skills (motivation and creating challenging workouts). I have four recurring weekly bullet points on my whiteboard with a goal number next to each of them. My challenge is to complete them in a seven-day span. I check them off when I complete them. You will experience extreme happiness as you bring each category to closure for the week. Strength Training: 4 Days Per Week Interval Training: 4 Days Per Week Yoga: 3 Days Per Week Cheat Snacks: Twice Per Week Make your goals visible. Post your own weekly bullet points on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or office desk. If you need extra help, Iron Stella is now also offering distance video training. Let’s achieve your 2018 goals together! 

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